What Is The Difference Between In-Line And Lift & Slide Patio Doors?

In regard to modern sliding patio doors, the terms ‘in-line’ and ‘lift and slide’ refer to different mechanisms that impact the opening of the doors, influencing their performance and overall look. Both of these mechanisms have their own merits and so if you have decided to purchase aluminium sliding doors for your home, it is important to decide which operation you think will best suit your needs. We explain the differences between the two below.

In-Line Sliding Patio Doors

In-line doors are the most conventional form of sliding door, whereby the door sits on rollers and glides across them when opening. The operation of these doors is effortless as the weight of the door helps it move smoothly over the rollers. This is perfect for those looking for easy to use sliding patio doors that seamlessly open into the garden.

Generally, the heavier the door the more difficult it is to open using the in-line mechanism, however, at Reynaers at Home we have made it a reality to install in-line sliding patio doors at industry leading sizes, with glass up to three-and-a-half metres in height. Hi-Finity Doors from Reynaers at Home offer state of the art performance and are the ultimate in contemporary design, making them ideal for those looking to create a design statement in their home.

hi-finity sliding doors

Pictured above is the The Hi-Finity Sliding Door.

Lift And Slide Patio Doors

Instead of a patio door using its weight to open like in-line sliding doors, lift and slide doors take advantage of the handle to slide open. When the handle is turned 180° , the door is raised a few millimetres onto the rollers, which reduces the friction and makes opening even the heaviest doors easy. Due to this reduced friction, lift and slide doors appear even lighter and easier to manoeuvre.

The lift and slide mechanism allows for the door to be locked in place when opened just by turning the handle, which is a useful safety measure for those who have children and don’t want doors opened accidentally.

aluminium sliding doors

Choosing Between In-Line Or Lift & Slide Doors

There are many similarities between in-line and lift and slide doors to additionally consider before making your final decision. Generally, the differences can be hard to spot due to advances in engineering and design, meaning that both styles have high weather resistance, insulation and security, and are aesthetically pleasing. Furthermore, all aluminium doors are durable and easy to maintain. Therefore, the ultimate decision is up to you and what you think will suit the overall design of your project.

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