The Benefits Of Bifold Patio Doors For Your Family Home

Bifold patio doors comprise of up to seven glass door leaves that open in a concertina style to fold flat against the outside wall. This type of door brings so much versatility to your home and garden by giving you ease of movement and more space, making them ideal for growing families. Below we have listed a number of additional benefits that bifold patio doors can bring to your family home.

Sleep Safe and Sound

Aluminium bifold patio doors are secure and strong with locking systems to safeguard your family and home. At Reynaers at Home all of our bifold doors have the Secured by Design accreditation so you can rest easy knowing that your family is safe and secure at home.

In addition, the tracks of Reynaers at Home patio doors make sure that opening them is a smooth operation with child safety features so little ones don’t get their fingers trapped.

Garden Bifold doors

Enjoy The Seasons Together

Bifold doors come in many options, with two to seven leaves and can open from the left or the right. This allows you to enjoy uninterrupted, beautiful views of your garden via your patio doors. What could be better on a warm summer’s evening than sitting indoors with the doors wide open, watching the children playing in the garden? During the colder winter months, with the doors firmly closed, you can be snug inside while watching the seasons change. The high performing weather seals on the doors are thermally insulated to keep out the rain, snow and cold.

Private house Bifold doors

Transform Your Family Home

Your family home should be perfect so that you can enjoy it for many years, which is why we offer a range of different frames and finishes to complement your home. We have manufactured a range of sophisticated handles and that can be installed to enhance the overall appearance of your new patio doors which will be admired by friends and family. By using aluminium, your bifold doors will be easy to clean and maintain so that they will look great in years to come. Available in different sizes and styles, bifold patio doors can be manufactured to fit almost any size opening to perfectly complement your lifestyle.

Functionality, versatility and style are some of the biggest benefits of bifold patio doors for families. To find out even more about what they could bring to your home please get in touch, or find a local dealer on our site.

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