We’re Fitting Panoramic Windows, Where Should They Go?

Whether you’re extending your property, going through a major renovation or building your dream home, there are hundreds of decisions to make along the way; and one of the most important considerations should be where to fit your windows and the benefit they’re likely to bring once the build is over.

As panoramic windows use larger panes of glass, they offer the homeowner a much greater opportunity to frame a view or to create compelling sightlines, so the decision over where to place them becomes even more important. So, what sort of things do you need to consider if you’re thinking about installing panoramic windows?

office panoramic window

Choosing The Right Room For A Panoramic Window

When it comes to positioning your windows, of course you’ll want to ensure they look out across a good view; but beyond that, what can these particular windows do for your home?

There are some obvious rooms that will benefit from installing panoramic windows such as your kitchen or a bedroom, as this can fill the room with glorious natural light and views of your back garden. What about using the windows to breathe new life into a bit of previously unloved space? If you have an underused room, a large window could make it a more desirable place in which to spend time.

Additionally, smaller rooms can become a statement, with a large window to extend the living space. Consider a large glass pane in a small study room to breathe new life into the space, or perhaps a panoramic window in a secluded bathroom to give it a spa-like feel by turning your bathroom into a sanctuary.

aluminium panoramic windows

It’s A Balancing Act

We’ve run through a handful of ways different rooms might benefit from panoramic windows, but it’s also important to think about things that might dissuade you from placing a window in a certain place. If, for example, your office room needs extra light, but fitting a large window would also create a clear view of your neighbour’s parked cars or bin tidy, is that really going to make the space feel more special?

We also suggested that you might be able to bring much needed life to a room with a big window; but you have to weigh-up whether the space will remain rarely used and if the effort not be better spent fitting the window in a part of the home where its benefit will be felt more readily? It’s a balancing act.

aluminium panoramic windows

Finding the perfect position for a large panoramic window might seem a little tricky, but when you find the right place, this new piece of glazing will fill the house with light, views, and bring something just a little bit special to your home.

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