Sliding doors installation tips: fitting as new or as a replacement and wall fixings

When fitting sliding doors to a new home, a restoration, or into an extension build, it’s important to ensure the doors are installed in a way that only enhances the look and feel of the property.

This article offers some basic advice for homeowners to ensure their new sliding doors are fitted correctly and neatly into the home.

Fitting to a new build or as replacements

When a set of sliding doors is installed in a new build home or as part of a new extension, they will usually be secured into the brickwork before render and/or plaster is applied to the surrounding wall.

Fitting the sliding doors first in this way allows the builder to plaster right up to the window. Doing this ensures the gap between outer frame and the brickwork is covered and weather-tight.

Sliding doors aren’t always fitted into new buildings, however; when replacing an existing window or door, the installer will often not be able to avoid damaging the plaster or render when removing the old frame.

Reputable installers will ensure that the render is repaired and will use some cover strips that match the door frame to trim over any damage to the plaster inside. A plaster might even go over any larger areas of damage to the interior wall to ensure a smooth finish.

Ways to fix your doors to the fabric of the home

There are two widely-recognised ways of securing your sliding doors to your walls. The most common method is to screw through the outer frame of the window or door into the brickwork using long galvanised steel screws.

The other option is to use what are known as lug fixings. This is where a metal plate is secured to the outer frame and protrudes into the house. The protruding section is then secured into the wall.

The lug fixing method is more commonly found in new builds, where it can subsequently be covered by plaster. It is not so suitable for use when the sliding doors are replacing older windows or doors due to the damage it can do to the décor and the final look.

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