Which is better: sliding folding doors that open in or out?

When you have taken the decision to fit sliding folding doors into your property, there are a few key considerations that will help them work perfectly in the space provided – one of the first important decisions is whether your sliding folding doors will open in or open out.

Most people choose to have their sliding folding doors open out rather than in. The main reason for this is that if the sliding folding doors are opened when it’s raining, a bit of rain could come inside and the leafs themselves are likely to get a bit wet.

If like most others, you choose to have your sliding folding doors fold inwards, it’s worth remembering that the doors require some clear space around them to open, and you don’t want to be moving furniture or plant pots every time you open the doors.

Some people do choose to have the doors open outwards. Often, however, these people have the doors fitted to properties in areas where the weather is more dependable – or the sliding folding doors are fitted in a sheltered place.

One of the other considerations when deciding on a set of sliding folding doors is whether you’ll fit a traffic door. The number of door leafs will, to a large extent, be dictated by the size of the opening, but it is worth considering the benefits of choosing a design with a traffic door.

Typically found on designs with an odd number of door leafs, the traffic door is a single door leaf that can be opened without unlocking the rest of the door leafs. Effectively operating just like a normal back door, this is convenient for when you just want to nip out into the garden quickly.

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Sliding Folding doors

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