Useful tip: folding patio doors and wind resistance

When buying folding patio doors, you’ll no doubt want the peace of mind that even when it’s really windy your doors will keep the gales out and stay intact.

Fear not, folding patio doors are tested for their resistance to a wind load and rated accordingly. The test involves gradually increasing the air pressure to simulate wind force and then measuring both the extent to which the folding patio doors bend (deflection) and the point at which the draughts start to get through (maximum test pressure).

Performance levels for deflection are grouped into classes A, B and C, where A is the worst and C is the best. Performance for maximum test pressure is grouped into five classes, where class one is the lowest performance and class five is the best.

A class five window or door, therefore, can withstand 2000Pa of pressure, which is the equivalent to 127mph winds.

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