What’s the best solution for uninterrupted views? Sliding doors or bifold doors?

When you’re building a dream home, renovating, or simply adding a luxurious new extension, there are hundreds of considerations to weigh-up as you go – things like whether you should have sliding doors or bifolds, or whether to go for a split-level or double-height living space?

Often, however, people don’t spend enough time thinking about the very simple things. Those elements that will really make or break your quality of life once the builders have left and all the furniture is in place.

Things like having a terrace that allows you to drink coffee in the sun in the morning, or whether fitting sliding doors or bifolds would make a difference to the quality of the view you’ll be able to enjoy once they’re in place.
If having an uninterrupted view is one of those things that is important to you, then a sliding door may be a better option than bifolds.

With sliding doors, the bigger door leafs and their large panes of glass, give more of a panoramic view than a bifold door that comprises several narrower door leafs, each with a frame around them. If you’re designing an open-plan space, then sliding doors can help frame an uninterrupted panoramic view that can be enjoyed from several different vantage points within the home. Once they’re in, just sit back, relax, and soak it all up.

So, if you are going to choose sliding doors, the only difficult choice left with is where in the home to place the opening that helps you capture the view you really want.

Sliding doors room

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