Using sliding doors to help move rooms out of the home

It might seem like a crazy idea, but have you ever considered moving your living room – or another reception room – out of the house and into a new purpose-built unit in the garden and then fitting several sets of sliding doors to open it all up?

It would be unusual, certainly, but it could just be wonderful too.

This arrangement would work by fitting sliding doors to a downstairs, garden-facing, rear room. Ideally, this might be an open plan kitchen or a living room. The section of the garden immediately outside could then be remodelled into a courtyard, the other side of which, would sit a new building that would mirror the footprint of the existing property and contain the new living area.

This space could be made into a refined drawing room or turned into the ultimate TV or cinema space with oversized comfortable furniture. This new building would also be fitted with sliding doors that mirror those fitted at the rear of the main property.

Access back and forth would be across the courtyard and the interior of the new building would be visible from the existing open-plan kitchen through the large glass panes of the sliding doors – and vice versa.

For those that like the idea, but would feel uncomfortable having a living room on the other side of the courtyard, then what about making this space a luxurious dining room instead?

On warm summer nights, you could invite friends over, light candles, and throw open the sliding doors onto the courtyard and spend the evening in a state of near bliss.

Sliding doors conversion


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