Change your lifestyle by extending with bifold doors

Homeowners invest in extensions for many reasons. Often, it’s to create more space or to improve the value of a property, but did you know that simply adding an extension can also change your lifestyle? Well, it’s true – and bifold doors can play a big part in this new way you live at home.

Commonly, extensions are at the rear of a property. They extend out into the garden and bring much-needed extra space into the home. Adding a great big extension like this allows you to create an open-plan living space with a kitchen, dining area, and comfy seating for socializing with friends. This can all then be opened to the garden with bifold doors.

For many people, who have previously only lived in traditionally-roomed houses, this shift to open-plan can be a huge change in how they live day-to-day. Members of the household can be together in the same space and engage in different activities without getting under each other’s feet.

Now, you can cook and chat to friends at the same time. Or what about sitting with a coffee and a magazine, bifold doors open at your back to let in the warm sun and view of the children as they play outside?

A further result of adding all this space for a new way of living is that after the extension is added, the existing reception rooms of the home can be converted into comfortable sanctuaries – a TV room, a smart dining or drawing room, or a place to escape for peace and quiet, away from the main social space.

Garden Bifold doors

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