Windows and doors to suit waterside living

If you’re lucky enough to live within sight of a river, lake, or the open ocean it’s likely you’ll want to make the most of your vantage point by fitting windows and doors that maximise the views from your location.

The windows and doors you choose could well be determined by your exact situation. For example, if your home sits on an appealing bend of river then you might want to incorporate a wide window that can accommodate much of the landscape as possible.

Alternatively, a floor to ceiling window could replace most of a wall and really help capture the grand sweep of the scene – or sliding folding doors could be used to accommodate the view in the same way and allow access to a terrace or patio.

A seaside view is different. For a start, it’s more likely that your property will be exposed to extremes of weather and salty sea air. For this reason, the doors and windows you choose might well have to offer a high-level of thermal performance and insulation.

High-performing bifold doors can be a good option for a seaside home. Not only will they offer the basic protections against the weather you require, but they’ll also make it easy for you to drink-in the views without having to be exposed to the conditions or, on sunny days, you can fold the whole lot back and open your entire house to the sights and sounds of the coast.

On days when it’s pleasant to sit outside you might not want to open your whole property. Fitting bifold doors will let you open just the sections you need for access, and to let a bit of light and breeze in, but without exposing the entire space to the coastal weather.

Windows and doors to suit waterside living

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