Windows and doors for when you’re building a terrace or patio

If you’re building a new terrace or patio there’s a lot to think about. The reconfigured space isn’t just a place to sit outside, it’s also likely to be an important connection between indoors and outdoors – and as such consideration must be given to the windows and doors that form the link.

During the planning, if you’re only thinking about how the space will look with people sitting in it, you run the risk of it being underused. It’s just as important to think about where it will be located.

A new patio might look nice, but if it’s on the windy side of the house or is mostly in shade, then people will naturally gravitate to more sunny spots – and, if possible, it’s best to link the new outdoor space to the most commonly used areas of the home – the kitchen or other living spaces.

Once the right spot has been found, where it will be in sun and connected to a main room, it’s important to consider the windows and doors that will be used to make the connection.

The windows and doors you choose can have a great effect on how often the space is used. For instance, if you fit a single door in an awkward spot just off the kitchen, then people avoid using this route to the garden.

If, however, you open a whole wall of the kitchen with bifold doors or sliding doors, then the new outdoor space will seamlessly become an extension of the room, making entertaining fun and easy in the warmer months.

And isn’t that why you chose to fit a new terrace or patio in the first place?


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