Maximise the light this winter with help from Reynaers at Home

Photo: Joie de Vivre, USA. Architect: Barclay Home Design.

As winter draws in closer and daylight is steadily reduced, large glazed areas from Reynaers at Home can help homeowners reap the health benefits of natural light.

In addition to the design and performance benefits of Reynaers’ product range, flooding the home with natural light may also help towards mental wellbeing. Bespoke aluminium glazing systems offering panoramic windows and maximum transparency give homeowners unrivalled exposure to sunlight throughout the day.

The Royal College of Psychiatrists strongly recommends seeking as much exposure to natural light as possible to combat any negative feelings due to the changing seasons. This sunlight provides a boost of vitamin D to help stimulate the production of serotonin, the so-called ‘happy hormone’.

Professionals therefore suggest having pale colours within the home to reflect light, which is helpful to combat common symptoms during the winter months such as loss of concentration and lethargy.

Mental health charity Mind recognises that while most of us are affected by the change in seasons, such as feeling more cheerful when the sun is shining or ‘blue’ in winter, some of us experience Seasonal Affective Disorder. This is a form of depression linked to a lack of light, which tends to hit much harder.

Jenny Scott-Thompson, Press Officer at the Seasonal Affective Disorder Association (SADA), says: “Having large windows, especially in the bedroom, allows sunlight to stimulate hormone production to signal to our brains that it is daytime and wake us up without feeling groggy or tired.

“If you prefer using blackout curtains, consider eating breakfast or getting ready in bright spaces to begin your day with as much natural light as possible. We’ve heard from many of our members who have noticed the difference in their mood after moving house to somewhere with more or less natural light.”

A range of systems including sliding doors, bifold doors and windows from Reynaers at Home can turn a room into a tranquil haven that benefits from great views, abundant natural light, and a glorious feeling of space.

In summer, this enables homeowners to fold back a wall of glass to effortlessly open home and garden into one, with or without corner elements for floating ceiling. In winter, the combination of slim frames and thermal performance mean that warmth and visibility will never be compromised.

Hugh Moss, Head of Marketing at Reynaers, said: “Now the winter nights are getting longer, extending the size of windows and doors is a wonderful way to let in additional light. Not only will this make your home look better; your family will also feel better with stimulating natural views, air-flow and sunshine. Our range of products ensures that whatever your design needs, we can help you make the space work in your favour.”

The superior quality of Reynaers stems from its core material, aluminium. Not only one of the strongest and most durable building materials available, it is virtually maintenance free, making it hassle free, stylish and robust. This is supported by a 10-year system guarantee on all Reynaers products.

Reynaers at Home is a premium brand dedicated to offering the very best architectural glazing products and service to the discerning householder. For more information, see the website, email or call 0121 421 9707.

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