Sliding folding doors to complement an industrial chic look

When it comes to redeveloping a property it isn’t just older houses and their outbuildings that can be transformed into luxurious new homes – for the right kind of person old schools, factories, warehouses, and even offices can be the perfect starting point from which to create a wonderful new place in which to live.

The trick to converting a property of this kind into a home of quality lies in incorporating aspects of the building’s old use with new elements you intend to introduce. To make this work the right glazing is important. In fact, fitting aluminium sliding folding doors could be just the thing.

Rather than doing away with the high ceilings, rafters, and glass offices left behind when industry left, why not retain these older elements and counterpoint them with new, modern touches?

Sliding folding doors to complement an industrial chic look

With their slim aluminium frames and large expanses of glass, aluminium sliding folding doors blend well with exposed brick walls or other hard surfaces such as concrete floors or metal units and worktops.

Not only can the brushed metal of the frames complement the industrial chic of the building that surrounds a set of sliding folding doors, the vast expanse of glass they hold can help flood the building with natural light.

An old factory with a vast floor space but low ceilings, for instance, might need as much glass on the exterior walls as possible to ensure that natural light reaches every corner. Aluminium sliding folding doors can help deliver this while also looking great and offering a range of options for opening up the property to the outdoors.

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