Sliding patio doors – the perfect solution for any pool house

On a warm summer’s day there can be few finer things than taking a splash in your own swimming pool.

If you’re planning to add a pool to you home there are a few points to consider before you get started – for instance, are you digging down to put the pool in a cellar extension? Or will this watery paradise be above ground, in the property? Or in a separate building away from the main house?

It could even be that you’re planning to have an open-air pool in the garden with a new pool house or cabaña built alongside?

If your option is to house the pool in an extension or a new outbuilding, then selecting the right glazing can be the difference between a project that looks majestic and ticks all useable boxes and one that doesn’t quite match your dream.

Fitting aluminium sliding patio doors can make all the difference. On a nice day you could push back the sliding patio doors and swim with the sun on your face – and even when it’s less pleasant you might want to open up your pool and swim as you take in view of the garden and the brooding sky beyond.

Sliding patio doors – the perfect solution for any pool house

If the plan is to instead dig out under your home and fit a pool in a below-ground extension – then have you considered creating a bit of outside space at the lower level? If so, aluminium sliding doors could bring in sunlight and the outside world as you swim in your subterranean paradise.

For outdoor pools, sliding patio doors can also be an invaluable way to open up the cabaña to the poolside and turn it into the ultimate venue for a party or lazy Sunday afternoon with the family.

Whichever way you’re planning to add a pool to your home, aluminium sliding patio doors can be a great way to link it to your garden and provide you with the quality of life for which you’re looking.

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