Folding patio doors turn a garage into the ultimate party room

Does this scenario seem familiar to you: there’s an old garage away from your main property that’s been filling with junk for years and you’re desperate to do something with it, but you just don’t know what?

Well, have you considered using folding patio doors to turn it into the ultimate party- or games-room?

If you garage is in an outbuilding, or it’s a purpose-built brick construction, converting it from the place where you store old bikes and furniture shouldn’t be complicated – and replacing the doors with aluminium folding patio doors could be the first step to making greater use of your home and garden.

A lot depends on the position of the garage in relation to your home. If the existing doors already face your property, then a simple bit of building work to swap them for aluminium folding patio doors could open up a new aspect onto the garden from this building. In addition, this new separated living space could even help enclose you garden and make it feel more private.

The bigger benefit, however, is likely to be use of this new space. It could give noisy children somewhere to play independently, while parents are still able to keep an eye on them from the house.

In the evening or at weekends, the space could then be transformed into a stylish dinner or party venue without having to bring a lot of mess or noise into the home – and a further benefit can be that space in the house is freed-up now that you have your own external party venue.


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