Handles for aluminium doors that help bring the room together

If you’re attempting to create a great new space in your home that resonates with an understated, contemporary aesthetic, then it can be important to ensure all the little details are just right – and that can mean fitting aluminium doors that match your windows and ensuring the handles you select are consistent throughout the space.

Reynaers At Home is a premium brand dedicated to offering custom-made aluminium doors and architectural glazing that enhances the space in which it sits.

To guarantee that level of quality throughout the home, Reynaers has now made it easier than ever before to ensure that, when fitting aluminium doors and windows, your handles are of a quality that matches the rest of your bespoke system.

Handles for aluminium doors that help bring the room together

Our range of designer handles, called Purity, are proving more popular than ever before thanks to the look and feel they bring and the way they help complete a room.

This is made possible by the handles being made available in up to eight colours and styled in such a way as to work with any of our aluminium sliding doors, bifold doors, double doors and single side hung doors.

But Purity handles don’t just offer a great look, they are equally durable and as such take advantage of cutting edge design technology.

Purity handles are manufactured using a recently developed alloy called Pura, which is free of toxic elements. Each handle is then coated using a process called Bioecologic Ion Overlay which means they are 100% recyclable. Once coated, the surface hardens to be more than twice as tough as a standard surface treatment with corrosion resistance similar to high-quality stainless steel.

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