Windows and doors turn your extension into something wonderful

When building an extension it’s natural to concentrate on the structure and all the lovely new space that will be gained once it’s finished – but it can be equally important during the planning to consider how the look and feel of your home will change once all the work is done.

Through selecting the right windows and doors, it’s possible to elevate even the most straightforward extension into a unique feature that helps breathe new life into the existing space.

It’s worth bearing in mind that adding an extension often means losing an original window, so it might be important to consider how you could replace the lost light. Large panoramic windows can bring boundless natural light into the home – as well as adding a striking dimension to your new space.

Windows and doors turn your extension into something wonderful

Another option might simply be aluminium bifold doors or sliding doors: either will bring in abundant light and allow you to open your home to the garden when the weather permits.

If you’re extending a traditional or period home using modern windows and doors – or fitting an entire glazed extension – it can often be more complementary than attempting to mimic the style of the original building.

Large sliding doors could be just the thing. A traditional home can be transformed into a chic, modern design statement with a virtual wall of glass providing views at the rear of the property into the garden and beyond. What’s more, all that glass can be opened up at the touch of a button seamlessly bringing your house and your outdoor space together.

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