Folding patio doors can transform your holiday home

Can there be anything better than finishing that final, busy day at work knowing all that lies before you is a fortnight or more in a beautiful place surrounded by family and friends? Whether your holiday home is a woodland retreat, a mountainside cabin, or a coastal property with glorious sea views, making the most of the time you spend there is paramount.

For most people it’s vital their holiday home is a place that encourages relaxation. The right glazing can play a vital role in this process – and fitting folding patio doors can make all the difference.


What could be better on a sunny morning than breakfasting with the sound of the natural world around you and sunlight filling your indoor space? Folding patio doors can make this dream a reality. A virtual wall of glass can be easily folded back allowing you to move in and out throughout the day in a relaxed and informal way.

Folding your patio doors can be the perfect way to quickly transform your indoor and outdoor space to suit every requirement: if a large, opening living area is needed for a social event, opening the doors fully can bring the living room and terrace together with seamless transition between the two. Or, if you’d like to be able to access your patio without exposing all your home to the elements, a single traffic door can be opened. Then on days when the weather isn’t so great, why not sit back and simply take in your magnificent view from the comfort and warmth of the sofa.

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