Keep Your Home Cool This Summer With Bifold Doors

Staying cool during the summer months could not be easier with bifold doors. The ability to quickly and efficiently open up your home on a warm summers day is the reason many people chose to have folding doors installed in their home.

The large glass panes that come with bifold doors are excellent for letting in an abundance of natural light all year round but what happens when the temperature plummets during a summer heatwave? Naturally, the large amount of glass panes, combined with soaring temperatures, can make your living space feel like a greenhouse, leaving you feeling sticky and generally uncomfortable. Installing folding patio doors, such as bifolds, in your home will allow you to fold back the glass panes and remove the divide between your living space and your garden, allowing the fresh summer air and a gentle breeze to flow through your home so you can sit back and relax during the summer months. Bifold doors are also great when you are hosting friends or family as you can combine your inside living space with the outdoors, allowing the children to play in the garden and also allowing the perfect set up for summer barbeque or party.

Heavily-insulated glazing might be great for winter, but in summer that might not be ideal. Our made-to-measure bifold doors can provide the thermal performance you need when it’s cold, but also let you fold back a wall of glass when it’s warm to let in abundant natural light and a cooling summer breeze. To find out more about the benefits of bifold doors in the winter, click here.

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