Windows and doors ready for anything the British summer can throw at them

If you’re planning a renovation or building your dream home it’s likely you’ll want to put in place windows and doors that not only look great, but help you make the most of your garden.

Fitting the right glazing can be a vital element of any stylish building project, but if you’re keen on living outdoors as much as possible the windows and doors you choose can be of paramount importance.

What could be finer on a sunny day than rolling back an entire glass wall and seamlessly transforming your garden and home into a single, luxurious living space?

It sounds glorious, but of course there’s always the British weather to consider. Fortunately, our made-to-measure windows and doors are designed to cope.

Windows and doors ready for anything the British summer can throw at them

Bespoke bifold doors have the flexibility to overcome any weather eventuality. On sunny days, fold them back to open your home to abundant warmth and natural light. Then, if the weather is changeable, bifold doors can be operated quickly, easily, and pulled closed without any fuss.

If you want a taste of the outdoor life without letting in a force nine gale, any number of the door panels can be partially – or fully – folded back to give you the precise level of exposure to the outdoors that you need.

On less warm days, when you still need access to the garden, a single traffic door fitted as the end door panel will help you move easily back and forth without having to expose the entire home to the elements.

Reynaers At Home can configure a set of doors to suit whatever lifestyle you’d like to live.

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