Windows and doors to open your home into the garden for summer

Summer is just round the corner and what better way to make the most of those glorious afternoons and long evenings than by relaxing at home in the garden.

If you’re planning a home renovation, fitting the right windows and doors can be the difference between creating something ordinary and something that allows you to move effortlessly between the house and the garden.

What could be better than using a set of made-to-measure windows and doors to create a seamless link between home and garden? Our glazing solutions will also fill your home with natural light and open up outdoor space as an extension of your living area.


At Reynaers At Home our windows and doors are crafted to fit perfectly with how you want to use your home and garden.

It might be that sliding doors are the solution you need. For a room with a view, sliding doors can bring floor-to-ceiling glass and stunning aesthetics.

Or, if you’d prefer to fold back an entire wall of your home, sliding folding doors might be the perfect fit. Sliding folding doors can help you bring the fresh air, and sounds and smells of the garden, into the home – why not just throw open those doors for an effortlessly chic and relaxing summer party?

If doors aren’t quite what your home requires, how about a large panoramic window or roof windows for year round natural light that breathes fresh life into a room? Or perhaps even a set of slim frame windows to help draw in those uninterrupted views?

Whatever way you want to use windows and doors to help make the most of the summer, Reynaers At Home can find the solution that’s just right for you.

Need professional advice on design, specification or installation?

We have a network of carefully selected local installers who will help guide you through your home transformation process.