A luxurious, sprawling villa that brings the outside in with 18 sets of sliding patio doors

When the weather is hot and life is lived outdoors, the ultimate luxury must surely be a home where outdoor and indoor living flow together in perfect harmony – the Casa Las Palmeras is such a place…

Architect Valentín de Madariaga designed Casa Las Palmeras, near Cadiz, Spain, to effortlessly combine traditional Moorish elements with a more contemporary building style to create a haven of serenity and cool ambiance.

The street-side of the property mimics the traditional building techniques that dominate the Al-Andalus region of Spain, while the rear of the building is made up of a series of rectangular structures that are linked by a single corridor, and positioned to make the most of the sun and the garden aspect.

A luxurious, sprawling villa that brings the outside in with 18 sets of sliding patio doors

Each of the structures opens seamlessly onto the grand terrace outside. This series of easy transitions between the interior and exterior space is created by 18 sets of sliding patio doors throughout the building. To maintain the clean, modern design aesthetic, the top and side profile of each door has been integrated into the walls. By using so many sets of sliding patio doors, the architects were able to blur the traditional boundary between separate rooms, and also between the inside of the home and the outdoor space.

The effect of so many large sets of sliding patio doors is to create an endearing mix of sun-lit rooms, areas of cooling shade, and a tranquil breeze throughout this stunning, luxurious property.

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