Windows and doors for extending a grand house

When renovating a grand home, or adding an extension to traditional building, one of the biggest decisions owners face is whether the new structure should mimic the original or act as a counterpoint.

There can be few better examples of a contemporary addition to a grand building than at Château du Val Saint Lambert, in Seraing, Belgium, where vast windows and doors form part of a bold, modern extension intended to strengthen the architectural gesture of the original building.

By combining large windows and doors with subtle rectangular cladding, architect Dethier Daniel was able to create a formally simple, yet strikingly different design that works in harmony with the established style of the Château.

In this instance the concept of matching old with strikingly new has been applied to commercial build, rather than a home, but the same principle can be directly applied to any fine old, domestic residence.

windows and doors in a traditional building

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