Increased interest from architects for Reynaers at Home’s windows and doors

Growing interest from architects in the use of aluminium windows and doors has led to a sales boom for Reynaers At Home in the last twelve months.

Over the course of the last year, Reynaers At Home has exceed its sales targets and doubled turnover as architects rushed to add its aluminium windows and doors to their home-building projects.

The unique properties of aluminium play a big role in the increasing number of architects who are selecting the material for their windows and doors.

Aluminium doesn’t expand, it’s high durable, and it’s 100% recyclable without any loss of quality. The sleek, contemporary styling that aluminium windows and doors can bring to a home, only adds to their appeal.

To make it easier for architects and clients to understand how aluminium windows and doors can enhance both the design and functionality of their projects, Reynaers At Home now has 14 showrooms across England and Wales and has added a series of special web features.

So architects can gather all the necessary information they might need about aluminium windows and doors, Reynaers At Home has added a dedicated section to its website that is tailored to their specific commercial requirements.

The new Architect’s section features specialised brochures for download, specific product information, details on care, maintenance and sampling, alongside a series of case studies, environmental information, and the company’s guarantees and certification.

Windows and doors in a modern home

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