Sliding folding doors with improved water-tightness and wind resistance

You’ve enjoyed a glorious summer at your new home, long days soaking up the sun on the terrace with your house open to the elements, but now winter has set in the old sliding folding doors that were thrown open in August aren’t performing as they should. As a result, everything has started to feel a bit damp and cold.

Well, it doesn’t have to be this way.

Reynaers At Home has developed an extension for its sliding folding doors systems (we call these CP 130 systems) that brings specific benefits to buildings where performance is crucial.

By adding additional components to its made-to-measure sliding folding doors systems, Reynaers At Home has been able to improve the water-tightness and wind-load resistance.

What’s more, the enhanced weatherproofing has been made without compromising either the look and feel of our sliding folding doors systems or restricting the addition of features that help add a little bit of luxury.

Enhanced weatherproofing components can be fitted to Reynaers At Home’s Lift & Slide system doors – where the door is raised slightly from its track to reduce friction and allow smooth and easy opening.

The additional weatherproofing can also be combined with our highest insulation sliding doors, so even on the worst days you can sit back in perfect warmth and comfort and still take in the view.

sliding doors with extra weatherproofing

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