A redesigned website to showcase the best windows and doors

It probably hasn’t escaped your notice that in recent weeks the Reynaers At Home website has undergone something of a makeover.

The redesigned website has been put in place for two key reasons: to make it easier to find information about our great range of products, and to help people understand the many ways made-to-measure windows and doors can enhance the look and feel of their home.

In addition to a new Blogs & News section, we have made it easy to find out more about the rich heritage of our company and have also redesigned our Products section to make it easier for home-owners to browse our range of architectural glazing systems.

Clicking the main ‘Product’ link in navigation bar now takes users through to a page that lays out simply our major product groupings: Aluminium Windows and Doors, Conservatories and Orangeries, Verandas, and Winter Gardens.

A further click on ‘Aluminium Windows and Doors‘ takes you through to the section of the site dedicated to our comprehensive range of windows and doors.

Here, it’s easy to browse through the various systems that can be fitted to your home, get a comprehensive understanding of how individual products work, and gain hints and tips that will help you find glazing that’s just right for your project.

The redesign doesn’t just cater for the needs of the consumer, we have also added new sections for our business readers. Architects, Builders, Installers and Fabricators have now each been given a dedicated section of the site to help them unearth specialised information on our windows and doors tailored to their specific commercial needs.

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