Huge aluminium windows help blend home and garden in this open-plan villa

If the ability to seamlessly blend outdoor and indoor living is your idea of a great home, then look no further than this stunning property, where even the frame of the building appears to flow effortlessly.

The Van Acker Sissau Villa, located in Loppem, Belgium, was designed as an ’all-in-one’ property, where vast aluminium windows, and a cleverly designed floor plan, help draw the garden into the living space.

Huge aluminium windows help blend home and garden in this open-plan villa

Architect Mark Van Acker’s design principle was to ensure the building’s living, working, and relaxation areas were not wholly separated. To reduce the boundary between private and public space, the building was laid out in an open-plan arrangement.

The unique L-shaped floor plan aims to make the most of a woodland view and maximise the daylight brought in through south- and west-facing elevations that contain huge glass windows and doors.

Kitchen, entertaining and seating spaces are situated in garden-facing areas on the ground floor, while on the second storey an office is surrounded by glass to ensure a sense of openness is maintained throughout this part of the building.

The north wing of the home contains the bedrooms, bathrooms and a garage on the ground floor. As this section faces the road, rather than the garden, views are blocked off to maintain a sense of privacy.

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