Clever use of aluminium window systems help create an ecological dream home

By incorporating a series of aluminium window systems into its complex design, this property, in Varna, on the Bulgarian Black Sea, has become a great example of a high-concept ecological home.

At the centre of the property is a cube containing all the main living areas. This cube is surrounded on all sides – and on all levels – by a vast conservatory that effectively wraps the building with glass.

Clever use of aluminium window systems help create an ecological dream home

In summer, the conservatory brings a natural cooling cross-ventilation to the building, while in winter it acts like a greenhouse to insulate the residents.
Not only do the aluminium window systems that make up the exterior help regulate the indoor climate, the glazed roof sections also pitch inwards to bring natural light to the interior of the building and help feed rainwater into the property’s irrigation system.

The house’s eco-friendly credentials are enhanced further by six geothermal probes that create a heat exchange system with the ground, delivering clean heating and cooling to the building. The property also has integrated solar vacuum tubes to gather sunlight and heat the domestic water supply.

No wonder this property, which was designed by architect Borislav Ignatov, was nominated by World Architecture News, in 2010, for House of the Year.

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