Glazing solutions: research, design and test is our heartbeat

Whether you’re planning a self-build project, an extension or renovation, choosing windows and doors that look great and perform spectacularly is essential.

At Reynaers At Home we’re proud to offer a prestige range of aluminium windowsaluminium doors, bifold doors and sliding patio doors, but we still want to make our products even better – that’s why we developed The Reynaers Institute.

Located in Duffel, Belgium, The Reynaers Institute is a state-of-the-art research, training, design and test centre which is equipped with some of the building industry’s most sophisticated technology.


Our dedicated team of experts put every new concept through a rigorous test regime so that we can be absolutely certain that all our aluminium windows and doors meet the exceptional standards of quality, durability and reliability our customers demand and expect.

Our doors are opened and closed 50,000 times to simulate 27 years of use. Our windows are subjected to a 300kg force and our doors can withstand a 450kg force (that’s the weight of half a Mini). And we don’t stop there – we conduct security tests, measurement of acoustic insulation, thermal performance, air permeability, wind resistance and water tightness. We even have a machine to see if our paint discolours due to sunlight.

Our pièce de résistance is something called the R-Cube; it’s a simulator that allows windows and doors to be exposed to a combination of different temperature, air tightness, wind, humidity, condensation and sun conditions.

The R-Cube sits on a giant turntable so it can be rotated to face any direction. This allows Reynaers engineers to compare and evaluate different solutions for sun shading, natural ventilation, types of glazing and building connections in relation to different orientations of the building.

We are dedicated to creating windows and doors that exceed our customers’ expectations, that’s why we insist on getting things right at The Reynaers Institute.

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