Reynaers at Home offers one of the most thermally efficient aluminium window and door systems on the market

Security, architectural design and energy efficiency are all essential elements for our window and door systems, says Reynaers at Home.

Durability and sustainability are two big trends in architecture, and aluminium is one of the most versatile building materials available. It has many benefits, including a high recycled content; long lifespan; low maintenance and high thermal efficiency with new thermal break technology.

Head of Reynaers at Home Helen Williams says: “According to the latest Reynaers at Home survey, 57% of British architects think that the most popular industry trend today in residential housing is energy efficiency.

“Not only does Reynaers at Home make efforts to reduce its own energy consumption and to reduce its emissions of greenhouse gases; it also contributes to limiting the energy consumption of new and existing homes through the development of energy-efficient windows and doors.”

With its CS104 window and door system, Reynaers at Home achieves optimum insulation values for aluminium that meets the stringent requirements for Passive House standards.

The high insulation levels of CS104, down to an Uf-value of 0.88 W/m²K, are achieved by the use of a patented insulation technology. Along with a set of specifically developed gaskets, the highest levels of insulation, wind and water tightness are assured. After insulation, air tightness is the most important factor determining the energy efficiency of a window or door.

Helen Williams adds: “The low Uf value gives a staggering Uw value as low as 0.77W/m2K, meaning this product sets the benchmark and is one of the most thermally efficient aluminium window and door systems on the market today.”

In addition to high insulation values, CS104 offers extremely high performance when it comes to wind resistance. There are up to five levels of wind load resistance (from one to five) and three deflection classes (A to C), which measure a window or door’s structural strength. The higher the number, the better the performance and the CS104’s is the best in class, with the system achieving up to level five for wind load resistance and C for deflection. This makes CS104 ideal for even the toughest conditions, such as those experienced in coastal areas.

The increased built-in depth of the profiles – the vent is 104mm deep and the frame depth 95mm – contributes furthermore to their strength and stability. This gives architects the design benefits of large, expansive surfaces of triple glazing resulting in innovative, energy-efficient and yet sustainable designs.

Reynaers at Home offers one of the most thermally efficient aluminium window and door systems on the market

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