Aluminium windows and doors are experiencing a renaissance, according to Reynaers at Home

Aluminium frame systems are experiencing a boom in sales as a result of high performance without any compromise on aesthetics, according to Reynaers at Home Head Hugh Moss.

Architects have long-recognised that aluminium is a very stable material that minimises expansion and contraction with changes in the ambient temperature.

Hugh Moss said: “This makes aluminium an ideal choice for sliding patio doors and bi-fold doors, where uPVC and timber tend to warp and twist, making the doors hard to open and close. Aluminium is inherently strong, which also means that architects can design really big windows and doors without having to worry about a bulky frame to provide support.

“Not only are aluminium frames typically narrower than uPVC or timber alternatives, but the aluminium windows and doors can also be made much bigger too. This maximises the glass area and gives the best possible view. According to our latest architects’ survey, 40% of respondents said that big windows was the main architectural feature that can really make a home come to life and aluminium can help to make that happen much more easily than other materials.”

Robert Palmer, the managing director of Palmer Market Research, said: “Aluminium is out-performing other materials for bifold doors by some margin – the sales of around 3,000 door sets in 2010 more than tripled to 10,000 in 2013 and is expected to triple again in the next five years – and these are conservative estimates.”

There are hundreds of finishes available for aluminium frames in all sorts of colours – some customers even choose to have a different colour inside and out. Modern finishes are so robust that they require minimal maintenance and never need repainting.

What’s more, aluminium is three times lighter than steel and two and a half times stronger than uPVC, as well as being an abundant material that is 100% recyclable without any loss of quality.

Hugh Moss said: “With these benefits it’s little wonder that aluminium is the material of choice for a growing number of architects and home owners alike.”



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