Is triple glazing or double glazing better with luxurious aluminium windows and doors?

If you’re building a new home or planning a lavish extension then you may well be faced with the decision of whether to have triple or double glazing. You would be forgiven for thinking that triple is always better than double, but in fact there are instances where double glazing makes more sense.

One obvious consideration is of course the cost, but another less obvious consideration is the weight of triple glazing. For smaller windows and doors the additional weight of the extra pane of glass is not an issue, however, for panoramic windows and large sliding patio doors and folding patio doors, there will be a trade-off between the additional weight and the maximum size.

Our experience has shown that more and more people are designing homes with huge picture windows and with doors that are so big they effectively become sliding glass walls. We are very proud of the fact that our aluminium windows and doors offer industry-leading maximum sizes, enabling our customers to have the biggest possible glass areas and to keep the number of mullions and transoms to a minimum.

Reynaers at Home windows and doors can be specified with double or triple glazing, but bear in mind that if you want to fit really big aluminium windows or doors, high-spec double-glazing might offer the performance you need without having to compromise on the size.

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