Slim frame doors: maximise your view and let natural light flood in

Every elegant house needs a graceful way to open into the garden and fill its rooms with natural light; to make a home great it’s almost a necessity, but in recent times the classic patio door has undergone a transformation.

Slim frame door maximise your view and let natural light flood in

Without compromising its aesthetic appeal, the patio door has been transformed into modern, slim-framed sliding doors. Using an aluminium frame is key to this transformation. A wooden or uPVC door requires an unsightly, bulky frame to support even relatively small pieces of glass. Aluminium’s core strength means large areas of glass can be supported with ultra-slim frames – making those slim frame doors look great, while maximising views and letting natural light flood in like never before.

Reynaers at Home has now taken this a step further with our new Hi-Finity door. The structural integrity of the door is actually in the glass itself, making it possible to have only the very slimmest aluminium frame.

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