Slim Frame Aluminium Windows: Look Through Your Windows, Not At Them

Look at new houses being built at the moment and you’ll notice there is a trend towards window designs with large panes of glass. It seems that windows with multiple panes and fanlights are a thing of the past. Architects and property designers have recognised that what we really want is to be able to look through our windows to the great outdoors rather than to look at expanses of white uPVC or timber.

Aluminium Slim Frames

With this realisation, aluminium slim frame windows and doors are really coming to the forefront. The inherent strength of aluminium makes it possible to make very slim frames for windows and doors. This maximises the glass area, lets in the maximum amount of daylight and makes the most of the view.

Add in the fact that aluminium windows and doors can be manufactured to much larger maximum sizes than uPVC or timber, and it is no wonder that aluminium is fast becoming the frame material of choice for architects and home owners alike.

aluminium windows in home

Slim Frames for Homeowners

It is a common misconception that reducing the frame size decreases the performance of the windows. In fact, aluminium slim frame windows from Reynaers at Home use a modern thermal break system to increase insulation, making your home warmer, brighter and more secure.

It is also often thought that slim frame windows are best suited for contemporary homes, when they are actually just as suitable for more traditional homes and property conversions. Their unique and sleek appearance, combined with their high performance makes slim frame aluminium windows a popular choice when renovating properties by replacing old and worn windows and doors.

Consider looking through your windows, not at them! View our aluminium window products, specifically the SL 68 and SL 38 range to discover all about how slim frame windows will benefit your new build or renovation project.


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