Why choose aluminium windows and doors?

You only want the best for your home. If that means fitting windows and doors that perform well without compromising aesthetics, an aluminium-frame system could be just your thing. But what do you get for your investment?

Why choose aluminium windows and doors

Slim frame windows

Aluminium is an inherently strong material, meaning you can fit really big windows and doors without the need for a bulky frame to provide support. Not only are aluminium frames typically narrower than uPVC or timber alternatives, but the windows and doors can also be made much bigger too. This maximises the glass area and gives the best possible view.


Aluminium is a very stable material that minimises expansion and contraction with changes in the ambient temperature. This makes aluminium an ideal choice for sliding patio doors and folding patio doors, where uPVC and timber tend to warp and twist, making the doors hard to open and close.

Massive choice

Aluminium windows and doors are available in literally hundreds of colours and finishes. You can even choose to have a different colour inside and out. And the modern finishes are so robust that they require minimal maintenance and will never need repainting.

Energy saving

The developments in window design and thermal break technology mean that aluminium windows and doors are amongst the best insulted windows and doors on the market. We even have a window and door system that complies with the Passive House standard.

Environmentally friendly

Aluminium is an abundant material and is 100% recyclable without loss of quality. So you can rest assured that at the end of their long life your aluminium windows and doors can be recycled and reused again and again. Who knows what the aluminium might be used for next time…

With all those great benefits, why wouldn’t you choose aluminium windows and doors?

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