Biggest really does mean best with our largest ever sliding patio doors!

For those planning a luxurious extension or looking for a cutting-edge design statement to build into a new home, adding a set of huge sliding patio doors can help you achieve that ultimate look.

Stretching up to three-and-a-half metres in height, our revolutionary new Hi-Finity sliding patio door ranks amongst the biggest currently available. Such large doors make it possible to virtually peel back a whole wall, allowing you to open a wing of your home to the outdoors in an instant.

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How big?

Hi-Finity doors are the tallest we have ever produced. We can also offer a range of double and triple track options giving you the ability to span some very large openings. And bigger really does mean better. These huge doors can flood your home with natural light and spectacular views, yet at the touch of a button your outdoor and indoor spaces can be seamlessly combined. Imagine rolling back that wall of glass on a bright summer’s day and letting the sights and sounds of the natural world pour in.

As they are so big each individual door leaf can weigh up to half a tonne, yet a series of ingenious wheel carriages enable the doors to open smoothly and with minimum effort. We can even give you a remote control so you can open, close, and lock the doors without having to get up from the dinner table.

Don’t compromise those panoramic views with a bulky frame

In the past, installing state-of-the-art glazing often meant compromise. If you wanted a large area of glass, then an imposing frame was needed to provide structural support. Thankfully, that isn’t the case anymore. With the Hi-Finity door, instead of the frame having to carry the glass, the structure of the door is in the glass itself. The great benefit is that the surrounding frame can now be slim and unimposing.

What’s more, the outer frame is designed to be hidden behind the brickwork and our engineers have also reduced the width of the aluminium interlock that sits between door leafs to just 35mm. The result is a door that makes it possible to offer huge panes of glass with only the bare minimum of framework on show.

Hi-Finity doors won’t compromise your panoramic views. Our biggest ever sliding doors provide our best ever views.

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