Folding patio doors: aluminium makes for bigger and better doors

Fitting folding patio doors is a great way to open your home to the garden. What could be better on a sunny day that peeling back a whole wall and creating a seamless transition between your indoor and outdoor spaces?

Bifold doors: aluminium makes for bigger and better doors

Typically, our folding patio doors are anything up to three metres in height and seven metres wide. We can provide such big doors because of the inherent strength in our aluminium frame. Large frames built from uPVC or timber are much more prone to bending, twisting, expansion and contraction with seasonal changes in the ambient temperature and humidity. This can cause the doors to stick in the frame, and may make them difficult to open and close. Aluminium will never take on moisture and has much tighter tolerances to variations in temperature.

With our bifolding doors, you can peel back a great big wall smoothly – and with the confidence that you will have no problems closing it properly at the end of the day.

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