Sliding patio doors: lift and slide technology makes opening easier

Is your experience of patio doors that you really have to put your shoulder into it to open them? They slide reluctantly with a rattle and a scrape? Thankfully, glazing technology has come on in leaps and bounds in recent years making scrapes and rattles a thing of the past.

Sliding patio doors help bring the garden into this cool Swiss home
The Reynaers At Home ‘lift and slide’ system makes opening and closing sliding patio doors a piece of cake. You can even open them using just your little finger.

Turn the handle through 180 degrees and this ingenious system raises the door on its track slightly to reduce friction and allow the doors to move smoothly and easily. Then when the sliding doors are where you want them, turn the handle back and the door will settle securely back down on the track again. Brilliant!

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