Windows and doors: gusting vents are a thing of the past

Air vents on windows and doors are often necessary to ensure good ventilation in the home and to comply with Building Regulations. Unfortunately for many, this means having ugly plastic vents cut into the frame that have two settings: either open or closed. This results in either a cold gale whistling into the room or a room that is unbearably stuffy.

At Reynaers At Home we’ve consigned gusting vents to the past with an ingenious product called Ventalis (the picture shows it in action). The Ventalis ventilation system works on a ‘floating leaf’ principle, where the floating leaf moves up and down according to the strength of the breeze. As the strength of the breeze increases, the size of the aperture decreases to provide a steady, self-regulating, air exchange. The insect- and rain-resistant system can also open in five different positions, allowing easy adjustment to satisfy changing requirements.

Windows and doors gusting vents are a thing of the past

What is more, Ventalis fits neatly into the top of the outer frame giving a fully integrated appearance – an elegant and simple solution that is so unique we have patented it (patent pending).

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