Bifold Doors Or Sliding Patio Doors: Which Will Be Better For My Home?

When you’re building a dream home, renovating, or simply adding a luxurious new extension, there are hundreds of considerations to weigh-up as you go. When you want to open up your home to the garden with a piece of bespoke glazing that’s stylish but flexible enough to meet practical needs, how do you choose between sliding patio doors or aluminium bifolds?

We list some key considerations to help you with choosing the right aluminium doors for your project.

What Kind Of Access Do I Want?

A simple but key consideration is garden access. Aluminium bifolds can be installed with double doors or a single traffic door, allowing you to nip quickly in and out of the garden, without exposing your home to the elements.Bifold doors also offer the flexibility to open inwards or outwards to suit the space in which they sit, the surrounding home or garden furniture, and other design features.

Sliding patio doors  offer greater control, allowing you to vary the opening more easily: open them an inch for a fresh light breeze, a couple of feet to nip outside, or open them all the way to let the outside in. Since aluminium frames are lightweight with the option of having very slim frames, controlling your sliding doors is effortless.

Bifold Doors Or Sliding Patio

The View

If having an uninterrupted view is the most important feature to you, then a sliding door may be a better option than aluminium bifolds. This is due to the bigger door leaves and their large panes of glass, giving a panoramic view, whereas bifold doors are comprised of several narrower door leaves, each with a frame around them.

While adaptability is a great advantage of sliding doors, bifold openings offer the luxury of folding back the whole wall. Aluminium bifolds concertina to reveal an aperture of around 90% of the space in which they sit. The leaves fold back against a single wall or split and stack evenly on both sides, helping to create that seamless transition between home and garden.

Regardless of which door type you choose, Reynaers At Home can make the best of your views by offering bifold and sliding patio doors with industry leading sizes of up to three metres in height.

Are You Looking For A Design Statement?

Current trends for a more contemporary style have seen aluminium doors increase dramatically in popularity. Their sleek aesthetics in hundreds of colours combined with strong engineering make them the ultimate design statement.

If you’re designing an open-plan space, then sliding doors can help make the view a focal point. For example, for something truly breath-taking we can supply sliding patio doors on adjacent walls that meet at a right angle. As the door doesn’t need a corner post, views can remain unobstructed when the doors are open and the ceiling over this corner unit will appear to float.

Whether you are a builder, an architect, a fabricator, an installer or a homeowner, get in touch for more information on how choosing aluminium doors can transform your latest project.

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